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Wheely 5

Each little red car has a different task to perform and you must figure out which tasks the red cars must pass on your journey to the highest number of stars.

There is always something interesting to do and you will find lots of fun free of charge, but don’t be sad when you set off, as you have many other inspiring and fun trips to go on. You are not always in the car or on the run from deadly threats, it is never sad in this game, you are always looking for new and interesting things to play through.

Now I recommend the Wheely 5 game to anyone who loves funny puzzles and a great story. I love to look outside at night and see the beautiful stars streaking across the sky, and the heroes in Wheedown 5 are no exception.

My girlfriend and I just parked on the lawn and spent the whole evening looking at it. Wheely was mowing the lawn or running errands when the news came, so we just had to go and do it.

The wheels are green cut circles just a bit to the right and almost resemble a car, but they are cut in the same direction as the wheels on the other side.

You will knock over the box to reveal a small red car, eventually you will get to its frame and click on it, and it will appear on the assembly line. It can be any mechanical part sent over the assembly line, and you can find it by unscrewing it. You can also get it if you pull a lawnmower handle and the lawnmower loses control or if it is in the wrong place.

I packed my belongings and drove onto the highway as soon as I could, and packed them full of other cars trying to get out of the explosion zone.

The rest of the game takes you on an epic journey as you try to protect yourself from what is coming and all the Wheely games I play. ve had, this one just has the best story. You find yourself in a city before a huge chunk of space rock rips you to pieces.

You can find a small red car by pressing the big red button on the crane in the background and it will release a wheel if you move a little forward. You can also find them by pressing the three red buttons at the top of the screen under the roof. You can still find the little white car in front of you and the red car behind you.

You have to pull a hanging acorn out of the box next to the hamster wheel and you can find the little red car by bringing up the green platform and clicking on the two diamonds in the middle. You can also reveal it by clicking on the giant boulder in the background and letting it plunge down the volcano.

You have to pull the hanging glans out of the box next to the hamster wheel and you will find the wheel in the bottom center of your screen.

As soon as you start to move, take a look at the level and get ready for some more action. After repairing your car and seeing wheesly 4, you will be ready to take more of the action with the help of your friends.

Courage is Wheely’s defining feature, and he has proven it in many of his adventures, so practice your math.

Once you’ve finished playing Wheely 5, you can try the sequel for free on Steam or even try it as a standalone game. With the ability to go wherever he needs to go, he is the perfect companion for your adventures and a great addition to any adventure.

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Fᴜɴ-Aʀᴄᴀᴅᴇ.ᶜᵒᵐ👾🕹️'s Score - 70%


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