For Parents

Information for Parents

Fun-Arcade is an online gaming site that offers a variety of action games, sports games, adventure games, shooting games and other fun-filled games to the gamer. We want everyone to enjoy our free online games in a safe environment. Thus, we consider privacy and security to be a serious matter.

As everyone can play our games for free, without any registration, we request parents of young gamers to supervise the games and identify the appropriate one matching their children’s maturity level. For the child’s safety, as a parent or guardian, kindly observe the following:

  • Check your child’s level of maturity. Before deciding on the appropriate game, consider your child’s unique personality.
  • Ensure that your child does not share their personal details in the comment section.
  • Supervise your child and check which genre of game they are opting to play.
  • Try playing the games yourself and guide your child accordingly.
  • Talk to your child about the game they are playing.
  • Ask your child to discuss with you if they feel uncomfortable with the content of the site.