3 Pandas In Japan HTML5

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3 Pandas In Japan HTML5

Take control of the three panda brothers and help them overcome all the difficulties they face in this amazing game. As you escape the pirates and explore an amazing world in a fantasy realm, prepare to be surprised by the colorful and hilarious possibilities that await you. Join us in a jigsaw puzzle – solve platform adventures with three pandas in Japan! Help the protagonist in his quest for freedom from the evil pirates in the pirate world or help your three panda brothers overcome the difficulties they encountered in our amazing games!

This 3 panda game is a puzzle – solve platform adventure game with ghost – amazing puzzles. In the course of the game you will find that you solve puzzles with the different skills of your panda brothers.

Black Ninja uses a net to hang the cute pandas on a tree and grab the panda’s camera, and you have to try to find a way out of the level. You get your pandas to climb and reach high platforms and throw your little panda brothers over obstacles to activate the levers.

The task in the game is to help the 3 pandas solve puzzles and get to the camera, and you have to click on suspicious objects on the map and search for them. The puzzles are solved by solving puzzles, but also by clicking on them and getting to the camera.

During the level you try to destroy all the required blocks while you try to avoid the threat of traps and try to take advantage of your larger weapons and skills to clear the levels. You can swing the nets around to get rid of them and attack enemies with big weapons like the sword.

Basket Champ is an inter-nation basketball game that allows you to choose a team and then play the game. You will play against some of the best football teams in the world and you can play with your friends against the hockey legends and basketball legends themselves.

If you want to have fun with your friends, this game is just right for you, but it is not for everyone, especially if you are like me. 

You can also play advanced moves such as chipshots and lobs to play your opponent. In this four-player game, each team has 5 balls to shoot, and the team that scores the highest points wins the game and will do so. If your team loses, it loses by 1,000 points or a total of 5 points.

Pick your favourite team and players and train them to be football champions, from free kicks to defence to penalty kicks. You start by scoring to win the game, but how many points can you score in each level? A tricky stunt course where you get caught in the air and perform extreme stunts to collect as many stars as possible. The Stickman is out for a killer stunt and you must score as many points as possible in a single game to win. 

Ultimate Swish is a game where you have to reach as many baskets as possible in a limited time, but not before the end of the game. 

You have to get the pandas to climb up and reach high platforms, and throw the little panda brothers over obstacles to use the levers. In the final boss fight you will try to find a way out of the level with the help of your little brother and the other panda brothers.

Considering that they are an endangered species, you would think that pandas would be more cautious with their adventurous instincts, but in this platformer game you control a panda and use their special skills to help them solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in different levels. There is also a shootout and you have to throw things at the bad guys and knock them unconscious. You need help to find your way through the bamboo forest, climb trees and tear down people who in turn help you get through difficult situations.

You must help a panda escape from an island inhabited by hostile natives and escape to another island with the help of the other pandas.

You control the pandas with your fingers and use their unique skills to guide them on their adventure. You touch them to show their abilities, and then tap the ability to perform an action. This stubborn and injured penguin is back after being unable to fly after hitting an iceberg and making a dream flight. From time to time, he also destroys anything that gets in his way during his flight time, and you can help him with that.

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Fᴜɴ-Aʀᴄᴀᴅᴇ.ᶜᵒᵐ👾🕹️'s Score - 70%


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