City Car Stunt 2

Light Switch
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Player 1Move: "ARROW KEYS"Nitro: "N"Look Back:"B"Player 2Move: "W,A,S,D"Nitro: "T"Look Back: "C"

Game Details

City Car Stunt 2

City Car Stunt saga continues with the 2nd game of the collection. Brand new fashionable metropolis and futuristic super-sports automobiles are awaiting for you. Apart from the automobiles in first game of the collection, you can begin Stunt exhibits by using 7 utterly distinctive superb automobiles that may very well be personalized by latest skins. You will also have the “Free Driving” option to carry out freestyle exhibits as in earlier game. Try to finish 6 completely different routes in the game earlier than time runs out! Player 1Move: “ARROW KEYS”Nitro: “N”Look Back:”B”Player 2Move: “W,A,S,D”Nitro: “T”Look Back: “C”

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