Bubble Struggle 1

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Avoid and pop the bubbles.SPACE to shoot, ARROW KEYS to move.

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Bubble Struggle 1

Bubble Struggle is characterized by colorful backgrounds, which are different for each level, and in it you play as a devilishly dressed character. The aim of the game is to destroy dangerous bubbles that jump across the screen, split them into smaller pieces and eventually destroy them completely.

You can program different keyboard keys to adapt the game to your style of play. The standard controls for Bubble Trouble are the arrow – Shoot with the space bar and the normal arrow keys, but you can use normal and arrow keys to move your character on the screen of the game.

If you want to better customize your bubble shooting needs, you can customize the controls to your needs. Use the spacebar to shoot your weapon, to jump incoming bubbles in the air, and the arrow keys to fire bubbles at your enemies.

There are 72 levels and many new items, and you can now play with up to 2 players, but the game also has a “level code” feature. Now I can go back to a certain level I was at, or to another level I was at.

It is one of the best games and the most frequently played free flash game on the internet. It’s a great game, but not as good as the other games on this list, or even better than some of my favorite games in the series. 

The character is actually the devil and you have to shoot bubbles from the game screen to advance to the next level. This action packed game of Bubble Fight 1 involves shooting air bubbles as a weapon. In this game you can also save something you could not do in the last version of bubbles fighting.

Each level is different and you have to avoid all the little bubbles that come your way. It takes a long time to shoot the big bubbles to make them smaller, but it is worth it because you have to win each level. 

Throughout the game you can see helpers falling to keep the bubbles out of the air that are helping you. Remember there is power – ups and downs that sometimes come with bubbles And sometimes they don’t. Each screen has a lot to contribute to the fun of this game, not only for the game itself. 

It could be a spike that sticks to the ceiling and does not disappear after a bubble hits you, or it could have been a laser that was much faster. It also means that you can shoot something to get rid of the bubbles, but if you lose, you have to start again at level one. I think if you get hit three times by bubbles, you lose, I can’t remember if I just restarted the level I’m at or not. 

If you are playing in small screen mode, you should make the game window as large as possible. You must act quickly enough so that the treasure does not disappear if you let it sit for more than a few seconds. 

I have been playing this game for a long time and I enjoy it, many of you have played it before and really like it as much as I do. If you find this page interesting, funny or useful, please click the Share button below. 

I think it’s pretty decent, mainly because of the colourfulness, I think, but I’m not sure if I like it or not.

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